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Personalisation of Public Digital Terminals for all


New benefits

APSIS4all provides users with accessible, usable and personalised access to PDT services, by offering a wide range of direct and indirect interaction modes that automatically adapt to their needs and preferences.

Users only need to indicate their needs and preferences once, and these data are coded and stored in their own device (smartcard or mobile phone). Disabled users do not need to remember specific codes to activate their accessibility features, and when interacting with other service providers (e.g. when abroad), do not depend on third persons to inform them about such codes. Activation also becomes more natural and simple.

People without any disability, who have traditionally been left aside due to the lack of intuitive interfaces, also benefit from a variety of interfaces suiting their needs and preferences (e.g. a simpler interaction mode for a person who is digitally illiterate, or larger fonts for an older user). In general, the system increases user satisfaction because the service provided is personalized, regardless of disability, age or digital literacy.

The use of services based on standards also facilitates future replications by other service providers looking to enhancing their customers’ satisfaction when accessing their services.

Moreover, augmenting the system by enabling the interaction with PDTs through users’ mobile phones opens up a new variety of opportunities for users, who can select the interaction channel (directly in the PDT or through the mobile) according to their preferences, and for service providers, who have at their disposal a new way of interacting with their clients.

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