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Personalisation of Public Digital Terminals for all

What is APSIS4all?

APSIS4all is a project aimed at personalising Public Digital Teminals for all. It also overcomes the existing accessibility barriers faced by people unfamiliar with ICT, people with disabilities and older people when interacting with Public Digital Terminals, such as ATMs and Ticket Vending Machines.

  • Indirect interaction
    • Jonas will go home for his mother’s birthday. He has a screen reader in his mobile phone making it accessible for him.
    • He can easily purchase the tickets for the trip from anywhere.
    • Jonas receives in a few seconds a 2D-code identifying the purchase and instructions of use.
    • The tickets are printed as soon as the Ticket Vending Machine reads the 2D-code.
  • Direct interaction
    • Luca wants to use a personalised Public Digital Terminal: an ATM in this case.
    • He only needs to (bring a contactless card to the ATM. His preferences are stored in there.) use a contactless card with his preferences.
    • The ATM is instantaneously customized according to Luca’s needs: are bigger fonts, screen reader, German language...
    • The ATM is now accessible preserving also privacy, security and enhancing usability.
    • The protocol will be ready for use in some ATMs in Spain and in TVMs in Germany in about 2 years.


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The APSIS4all Consortium is selected on the basis of excellence criteria, and for their proven track record with Public Digital Terminal and user involvement design techniques. This project is led by:Technosite logo

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